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Cannes is a collection of thousands of streams, and its waves are full of wind and sun. When the rapids are brave, they also have a gentle wave of static flow, rejuvenating the true colors of the rivers and rivers! Cannes footwear industry in a strong operation, with the momentum of the sea and the river, in the Chinese shoe industry forge ahead...
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Enterprise Honor
Every honor is a breakthrough after a breakthrough; it is affirmation of success; it is a testimony of every wonderful performance. Since its establishment, Cannes Footwear has won honors such as China's well-known trademarks, Chinese leather logo products, Zhejiang famous brand products, Zhejiang famous trademark Zhejiang Sanyou Enterprise, and AAA integrity grade enterprise.
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1988: The factory was initially built as a factory in Luofu.
1995: Changed its name to Yongjia Nashi Shoes Co., Ltd., and built the first modern assembly line.
1995: The first batch of markets: Shandong, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Baotou, Nanjing.
1999: Upgraded from Yongjia Nashi Shoes Co., Ltd. to Zhejiang Canna Footwear Co., Ltd.
2002: Upgraded to a national non-regional enterprise and became a self-operated import and export enterprise.
2002: Chairman Lin Wenfu visited Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain and other ten European countries to inspect the local footwear industry and exchange in-depth experience in shoemaking with local government and footwear companies.
2002: Yan Huaidao, executive vice president of China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute and executive deputy director of National Footwear Testing Center, and Li Weijuan, secretary general of Zhejiang Leather Industry Association, visited Cannes.
2003: Hired famous singer Tu Honggang as the spokesperson of Cannes brand image. Change the corporate advertising word to "Heaven and Earth Heroes".
2003: The company invested in CCTV-1, Fujian Southeast TV "Galaxy Star Dabantai", Hunan Satellite TV "Rose Covenant" and other prime time advertising, to enhance brand awareness.
2003: The foundation of the new industrial park.
2005: Moved to the new industrial park.
2006: The company won the “Advanced Unit of Provincial Safety and Civilization in Zhejiang Leather Industry”.
2006: Signed a contract with Su Youpeng and hired Su Youpeng as the spokesperson for the brand of Cannes.
2008: Cannes 20th Anniversary Celebration.
2009: Renewed with Su Youpeng.
2010: The new image of the door, container and plane is fully integrated.
2011: The fourth SIS (Terminal Image Recognition) upgrade after the Cannes brand was established.
2012: Joined the CCTV evening golden file to carry out brand optimization and upgrade, and officially launched the direct sales branch and e-commerce brand to lay the foundation for the Cannes Group operation.
2013: Cater to the international market, adjust the strategy, and establish good cooperative relations with multinational customers.
2014: Steady adjustment of the domestic market, layout and development of foreign markets, combined with internal and external development.
2015: Strengthened cooperation with well-known foreign companies in many countries, and carried out preparations for BSCI certification, and achieved gratifying achievements.
2016: Pay close attention to product quality, increase development efforts, introduce advanced equipment, and effectively improve the overall production capacity of the company.
2017: Invested in VOCS waste gas treatment new facilities, increased fire safety, humanities and 6S management, reviewed and passed the safety production standardization three-level (light industry) enterprises, and promoted the overall healthy development of enterprises.
2018: Start construction of the expansion plant to provide hardware support for future development (including logistics, R&D, marketing, production).

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